CraigMy name is Craig Moore

A Bachelor of Arts in Photography got me started. I photographed my artist friends’ work before they sold or gave it away. After that, I began shooting events, seniors and weddings professionally.

When I opened a camera store in 1982, I learned the business of photography. I also learned I liked to teach. Teaching inspires me to take better pictures, as well as find new ways to express myself. It is extremely rewarding to help others experience photography.

Digital cameras have injected new life into the photography field. The abilty to see your creation instantly, make adjustments and improve your capture of it has pushed all photographers to new heights.

I am excited and challenged to be part of this new age of photography.



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  1. Craig Fox says:

    I enjoyed your basic DSLR class last week, and now have a better understanding of how the stupid thing works. I am an old film photographer, and the leap into digital has been slow. Keep up the good work. Any chance of a Photoshop Elements class? If you don’t think that you will form a class, maybe a paid mentor could be worked out

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