Reno Bighorns Night


I’m planning a sports photography class and shoot with the G league Reno Bighorns.

It is a very exciting brand of basketball. Our Reno Bighorns are the Sacramento Kings

minor league team.

Class is January 27th with the shoot January 29th.

If you’re interested call Action Camera in Reno.

Bighorns vs Lakers

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Action Camera Reno

Hope ValleyFor those of you don’t know, I have a new position at Action Camera Reno. Come and see us at 5890 S. Virginia St. I’m planning extensive classes in macro, mirrorless, portraiture, and more.

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Shooting Sunsets

Sunset_0930How do you capture what you see in a beautiful, colorful sunset? I would suggest underexposing  by using the manual settings of aperture and shutter speed or the +/- button in program. For color augmentation, I set my camera to vivid or my white balance to the cloudy setting. These two changes to a normal exposure should result in a great sunset photograph.


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August Urban Photo Walk in Carson City

capital We had a great photo walk in downtown Carson City last week. Our goals were to “see” the light and look for unusual angles in our photography.brewery

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Urban Photo Walks

Toby_0914 We had a great series of photo walks this year. I hope you can join us on our next adventure. Downtown Reno put on quite a show for us. And the soft tones of Carson City provided an interesting counterpoint. We all learned new techniques and shared ideas. Thank you for your participation.
zoom _CAM3895

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2013-Fall trees_webIs it better to shoot the whole scene or move in close for a detail shot. Always take more than one angle, more than one exposure and more than one composition. Fall_2013_web

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Through the Eye of Duraflex

(121 of 140)

Alternative photo processes are all the rage these days.
It’s very interesting to see what people are producing through a blend of film and digital.
Here is one of my attempts.

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Gordon’s Photo First Urban Photography Workshop

water-web Here are three of my pictures from the July 17th Reno Urban Photo Workshop. I have another workshop scheduled in Carson City on July 31st and in Reno on August 14th. Visit Gordon’s Photo Service website to sign up.church_web


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My First Nevada Winter

ice tower ice woman

                                       ice circles

These were taken on Christmas Day 2012.

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Summer Photos

What a great time to get out and use your camera. I suggest you look for unusual color and light to make your pictures “"stand out from the crowd”. Silhouettes, reflections and simple compositions.

                                                 PG_web  Redfish_BW           watercolors_2web

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