My Favorite Place

I just got home from the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. I have a variety of photographs to share. The first one is a panorama shot (five vertical exposures) under a full moon.


This is an Infrared HDR shot at Owl Creek.

IR Owl Creek HDR

I’ve got a night shot of the “cabin in the pines.”

night cabin

And, some baby robins in a tree behind the cabin.

baby robins

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Pacific Grove

Here are two shots I like from my last trip to Monterey in June. It is amazing what you can do on a tripod after the sun goes down.

_POR2219_20_21_22_23 Both of these pictures were shot with a Circular Polarizer to reduce the light entering my lens, at f11.

pacific grove

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On Location with Off – Camera Flash

It is amazing what you can do with two battery powered flash on location. We found an old railcar grave and took these pictures. We used two Nikon SB-800 flash units and triggered them with a Nikon SU-4. I’ve included a shot of the basic set-up as well.

_CAM1728 _CAM1736

_CAM1733  _POR1821

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Shooting with Elinchrom Rangers

This afternoon I got to shoot with Tom Bol, 4 skateboarders and 2 BMX bikers. Firing 1100WS, battery-powered, Elinchrom Rangers I was able to create some great effects.

20100311-_CAM1195 20100311-_CAM1196 20100311-_CAM1217 20100311-_CAM1210

Here are some shots of the young men lit with the same Rangers.

20100311-_CAM1180 20100311-_CAM1172

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New York City

20100128-_CAM0848 20100128-_CAM0868 In January 2010, I participated in a photoshoot at “The Old Bath House” in New York City. We had four local models and some wonderful lighting equipment to use. These are some examples of the shoot. I particularly like the girl with the scarf which I shot with rear curtain sync flash.

20100128-_CAM0915 20100128-_CAM0949

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Busy Fall Days

valley_road_edit_small  Mendo Trees_small

Dans Street These are all HDR images from around Northern California and Reno. I have been on the road alot this Fall. I am looking forward to getting some editing time through the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Pictures from the Fall

Here are two HDR’s from this month and two InfraRed shots from this Summer in Idaho. I have been doing alot of shooting, but little editing. I had almost two weeks in Central Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountains and then a great photo seminar with some wonderful people in Denio, NV. I can’t wait to go back.

Little Onion_1009 The editing software that I am using is called Photomatix, it is available from HDR software. It cost money, but it is the program that most HDR artists are using. There are free HDR software downloads on the web, for instance, free HDR software is available from Qtpfsgui. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The combination of exposure bracketing and HDR software creates these beautiful results. Try it!HWY_128-2 20090811-DSC_0032-1 20090811-DSC_0021

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Summer Time Pictures

Ah, time is supposed to go slower in the summer, with the long days of light and warmth.

But, I feel like it is racing by, with all the pressures of a busy schedule and activities.

I hope you can take a moment here and there to see something in a new way, to smell the flowers, as they say.

Watch the light, it is both the magic in photography and your ticket to another place.



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Berkeley Alleys

Waiting for a business meeting this week, I found some great old buildings in Berkeley, Ca.

Relics from a day gone by, painted churches, and the canvas of street artists.

Berkeley_Buildings_01  Berkeley_Baptist_01


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The Old Carnival

Last night Dan and I shot around an almost deserted carnival in the parking lot at Gordon’s Photo. Using wide angle lenses and high ISO’s, some of the shots came out interesting. Here are a few.

20090709-_DSC0696  Merry-go-round20090709-_DSC0701

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